OLYMPUS Audio Controller

Experience a new way to record audio in the era of smart devices.

OLYMPUS Audio Controller

Using the combination of a smartphone and an Olympus Audio Recorder, the app allows you to experience a whole new way of recording, remote controlling recording devices or linking images to recorded files.

Remote control from smartphonesWi-Fi CERTIFIED

Using Wi-Fi connectivity, smartphones can start and stop recording as well as add index marks.

  • *Regardless of the recorder settings, any remote recording using the OLYMPUS Audio Controller will be made using the MP3 format at 128kbps.

Link images to voice files (Visual Index)

You can attach images and movies taken on your smartphone to recorded audio files. The process for attaching images is the same as for adding normal index marks.

Add comment to index mark (Note Index)

You can add commens to the index mark as Note Index. Your own comment allows you to remind the content with ease. In addition to Note Index and Visual Index, four types of index marks can be attached to the recorded data, which helps you to easily access the conents you want to reach.

Sharing data

Recorded data can be uploaded to Dropbox or OneDrive* easily. By sharing the data with those Apps, you can playback or edit recordings on other smartphone or tablet which has the Olympus Audio Controller.

  • *Android is not supported.

Easy setup

It’s easy to setup a Wi-Fi connection between the recorder and your smartphone. Simply scan the QR code displayed on the recorder using your smartphones camera.

OLYMPUS Audio Controller

  • *Compatible Digital Voice Recorder: DM-901 / DM-7
  • *Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.
  • *The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo is a certification mark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.
  • *Dropbox is a registered trademark of Dropbox, Inc.
  • *OneDrive is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.